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Established in 2018, our mission is to offer exceptional quality and value on our exclusive range of portable fridges directly to the consumers. We are one entity that combines the brand, the importer, the distributor and the retailer to form a seamless operation. The all-in-one operation cuts out the 3rd parties such as agents and distributors. This allows us to be more productive, efficient and competitive over traditional sale channels. The streamlined operation also allows us to scale with digital marketing and promotions through various social media platforms rather than relying on overpriced commercials and salespersons. Thus we are able to passing the savings straight down to our consumers. Combining the all-in-one operation and with digital marketing tools, we are able to offer exceptional quality fridges at a much lower price you may pay for a comparable fridge in a retail store.

The company headquarter is based in Wilmington Delaware. Our distribution network utilizes multiple Amazon warehouses extensively for faster and securer fulfilment.

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Portable Fridges Online

Portable Fridges Online IceCube Coolers offers great range of 12V refrigerators. The portable fridge freezers are perfect solutions to provide refrigeration on the go. They are higly portable and can be used universally in any vehicles including boats trucks, RVs with DC 12V or 24V source. Portable refrigerators are ideal solution over traditional ice box as they are small and require no ice to cool. The physical volume for usable storage is much larger and overall lighter to carry. Buy portable fridges online from IceCube Coolers to get the best price.