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High Power and Portable Fridge for a Chilled Out Camping Trip

There’s nothing like having a chilled can of beer and a bite of your favourite sandwich in the quietness of woods! Camping out in the woods is a great way to explore mystical forests, discover the wildlife and blend with nature.

However, it’s always a challenge to keep your food stock fresh and edible for a long time, while you are camping. Those days are gone when you had to carry old leaky iceboxes packed with food packets or run to the nearest town to fetch some ice!

Redefine the Way You Stay Refresh on Camping Trips

Keep your stock of food and beverage cold & fresh for long on your next camping trip with high power, efficient and portable camping fridges by IceCube Coolers.

Whether going for a day hike with your friends, taking your kids on a weekend camping trip or embarking on an overlander expedition, these portable fridges by IceCube Coolers will be your perfect companion!

Endless Choices For Everyone

These incredibly portable and affordable fridges feature a powerful and efficient motor, which means they’ll keep everything inside cold, even if the mercury rises to 100° F.

Completely ice-free, these fridges just require an active DC or AC source to power up. Its super-fast refrigeration will always keep your items cold, unlike those iceboxes where the ice takes up valuable food storage space.

Our range of fridges are strong enough to run 24/7 without any glitches, so you can have a cold fridge for your beer or lunch! Designed with campers, travelers and off-road truck drivers in mind, all our products are equipped with super-strong hinges and handles, which means they can be easily accommodated at the back of your vehicle. Buy fridges online from IceCube Coolers with the cheapest price and save.