Mini Series

Portable Mini Fridge

Remember the days when you had to carry iceboxes and cooler to the weeklong road-trips? Those old-fashioned cooler that we all grew up with hasn’t changed much in years. It still requires lots of ice, hardly keep the beverages cool for long and turns into a mess with the quickly sloshing water! Also, those coolers are too bulky and inconvenient to carry.

Portable Mini Fridge For Car is Cooler than a Cooler!

When you’re planning a coast-to-coast road trip, you need a super rugged, efficient and powerful mini fridge for the car by IceCube Cooler. With its advanced cooling technology and high power compressors, our line of the portable mini fridges for car offer a convenient way to store and keep your food and beverages just how you like them. Cold & Fresh.

Stay Refreshed, Anywhere. Anytime!

Whether you’re going to meet your grandparents, for a one-day picnic with your family or simply going for a weeklong drive on a trail heading anywhere, we’ve got you covered! Have a can of chilled coke or a refreshing glass of juice during long-drives or outdoor adventures, anytime you want with portable mini-refrigerators.

Our extensive line of small portable fridges is easy to carry, fun to use, energy-efficient, and offer reliable refrigeration to keep your stock of food and drinks cold & refreshing. No more melted ice in the bulky coolers, you can always have the fridge dry and clean!

Equipped with removable dividers, these fridges provide ample room for an optimal organization where you can store ice-cream, beers and sandwiches in the same place at the same time!

An excellent space saver, these refrigerators feature a sleek minimalist design and a style that complements modern-day automobiles, combined with the latest technology for optimal convenience and performance.