What is a portable fridge?

A portable fridge is a mobile refrigerator that cools and freezes food just like a domestic fridge by running on either DC or AC outlets. Due to its size and power requirement, the portable fridge is an ideal mobile appliance for keeping your food cold and refresh on the go.

What does 2-way fridge mean?

The term 2 way means the portable fridge can be operated via connecting the power directly to DC or AC sources. Straight plug in and use, no additional setup is required.

Why are your products less expansive than others?

At IceCube, our goal is to provide the best value and service for our customers. Our unique operation and strategy enables us to rid-off the more expensive agents, distributors, advertisers and such to create a more efficient and streamlined operation. Thus we are able to pass on the savings directly to our customers.

Are power cords included in the fridge?

Yes, the fridge comes with 1 set of DC plug and AC plug.

What temperature can the fridge achieve?

IceCube fridges can reach up to -4ºF on the lowest setting, cold enough to freeze water.

How can a fridge achieve this level of cooling?

All IceCube fridges are compressor powered refrigerators, which uses the same principle of cooling from domestic fridges for maximum cooling performance.

How do I run a portable fridge?

Simply plug your fridge to any DC 12V/24V sources. The DC outlet is universal, hence it works for most cars, boats, trucks, buses, RV and etc. It also can be powered from any AC 110V outlet, thus making the fridge ideal for both home and outdoor use.

Will I need to keep the ignition on while running the fridge?

Yes, the fridge will require constant power to keep running. With the in-built battery protection the fridge will turn itself off if your vehicle battery has reached a low voltage to prevent flat battery.

Will a thermoelectric fridge achieve the same cooling performance as a compressor powered fridge?

No, absolutely not. A thermoelectric fridge does not have a compressor for vapour compression cycle to remove the heat. Hence they are not an effective solution for cooling and freezing especially during hot summers.

What environment can the fridge run on?

Simply just keep the fridge running in the vehicle, cool shade or undercover and leaving some space for the vents to push out hot air. IceCube fridges can pump out serious cooling power even during extreme summer heat.

What are the main advantages of running a portable fridge compared to an ice cooler?

IceCube fridge does not require ice to cool, hence you are getting its full storage capacity. Unlike any ice cooler, where more than half the storage space will require ice to be filled for cooling thus cutting your volume effectively by 50% or more. The overall running cost of a portable fridge will also be lower due to iceless operation.

Can I run the fridge off solar power?

Yes, you can run the fridge off solar power provided you have the battery terminals to connect either DC or AC. The fridge can also be powered by gasoline generators.

What is the warranty on your products?

For warranty information, please refer to our Warranty and Return Policy.

I have lost my user manual, where can I get one?

You can download a copy of the manual in PDF format HERE.

For all other technical enquires

Please refer to your user manual for error code description and troubleshooting procedures. If the issue persists, please contact us via email help@icecubecoolers.com.